Key Products Used for BU's Medical Library Renovation

April 1, 2020
Boston, Mass.
Finegold Alexander Architects

In renovating the 13,000-sq.-ft. Alumni Medical Library at Boston University, Finegold Alexander Architects designed carrels and booths, and group study rooms within an open, transparent space. In swapping out a concrete encased staircase with a glass wall system, this brings visibility and light across the floorplate. DIRTT demountable partitions were specified for the individual study booths and for the glass fronts at the group study and tutor rooms to provide sound isolation. In addition, 2Tec2 woven vinyl flooring was selected as an easy to clean, durable option for withstanding the moving chairs and heavy foot traffic. The system also has a felt backing for sound absorption.

Another interesting feature of the design features extra-large carrels—48-in. wide to allow for computers and lots of books and reading materials.

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