Electronic Air Measuring Station

March 20, 2020

[img.src="A"]At AHR, Ruskin introduced a truly novel product, the AIRFLOW-IQ, which combines the features of the company’s TDP05K air flow and temperature measuring probes, with its CD50 control damper and the VAFB24-BAC RAMS Air Measurement BACnet actuator. The factory-assembled and calibrated unit provide effective setpoint airflow control from 0 to 5,000 FPM (0 to 25 m/s) using analog or BACnet interface. The ultra low-leak, class 1A-rated CD50 damper helps satisfy the requirements for minimum outside air as required by ASHRAE 62.1, 90.1 and 189.1, California Title 24, the Int’l Mechanical Code and the Int’l. Energy Conservation Code. 

According to the manufacturer, one of the major issues with the movement to reduce outside air into a building is that it makes it difficult to properly monitor air quality, as there’s often not enough air movement for the probes to detect, derailing the stream of data building operators seek to prevent things like Sick Building Syndrome. This technology, however, is able to measure low velocity air movement, which wasn’t possible before. Additionally, the factory-assembled mechanism eliminates a lot of proprietary elements, as well as the need to home run wiring to each component, as all can be daisy chained.

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