Effective Air Movement

Dec. 15, 2021

The Greenheck Model DC High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fan provides energy efficiency, visual attractiveness, controllability, and ease of installation. The fan’s direct drive motor is 5-10 dBA quieter than traditional gearbox motors and is up to 35% lighter, allowing for an installation time that is reduced by almost 50%. The universal ceiling mount and a factory-wired VFD offer plug-and-play convenience, which also contribute to the shorter installation time. Model DC is one of the first HVLS fans certified for circulating fan performance and can reduce annual HVAC operating costs.

The Model DC comes in 22 standard colors and a variety of finishes, ranging from powder coatings to wood grain designs. Finally, exhaustive customer research resulted in an HVLS fan that is both reliable and low maintenance, meaning occupants will spend more time enjoying its benefits instead of making repairs.

Judge’s Comment: “Improving comfort with a more passive ventilation.”