ASID HQ Goes Platinum with Health Focus

April 1, 2017
ASID members are lauding its Washington, D.C. offices for walking the talk of health and well-being in the built environment, as the headquarters recently received LEED Platinum from the USGBC.

ASID’s Platinum designation illustrates the commitment and efforts of ASID and Perkins+Will to include advanced sustainable design practices in the creation of a workspace, says ASID CEO Randy Fiser. “Physical and mental health issues such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and stress, can all be influenced by the choices we make when designing the built environment. ASID is committed to advocate for the integration of health and wellness in all spaces, buildings and communities.” Fiser couldn’t be more pleased with the accomplishment, “We are immensely proud of the efforts of our project team that enabled ASID to achieve LEED Platinum.”

Fiser believes the Platinum rating represents an investment in ASID members, and employees; it proselytizes human-centric design, including a human-centric lighting design developed to optimize performance by helping regulate the body’s circadian rhythms. “The new ASID headquarters is leading the way in creating a workplace that is both good for the environment and good for people,” concurs Perkins+Will principal, Ken Wilson.

The headquarters houses 8,500 sq. ft. of innovation supported by research that ties improvements in health and wellness with organizational metrics of engagement, retention and productivity. Key design elements, such as the space’s real-time dashboard of environmental attributes, ties innovation, technology and nature-based design to the core principles of LEED. The biophilic design strategies include natural elements to reduce stress and increase air quality, along with stringent water quality standards. “Sustainability and health are intertwined and the design of this space focuses on attaining the highest levels of both,” says Wilson.

The facility is also designed to meet WELL Building Standard, a performance-based Certification that indicates a human-health-centric design has been achieved, measured and proven successful on several fronts including air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, mind and comfort. “The ASID workspace is a living laboratory and a tool to advance research and education around health, wellness and wellbeing,” Fiser tells AP.

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