VacuMax Vacuum Insulating Glass (VIG)

April 29, 2024

VacuMax vacuum insulating glass (VIG) integrates with any traditional (and even nontraditional) glazing system to maximize insulation performance. With wall-like R-values up to R20. VacuMax VIG is the ultimate in thermal glazing. 

The newest generation of VacuMax VIG is now manufactured exclusively with Solarban 70 solar-control, low-e glass by Vitro and can be used alone as nominal ¼” glass to replace monolithic (single-pane) glass without needing to replace the framing system. 

VacuMax VIG was installed on the newly renovated Hugel Welcome Center at the Lafayette College campus in Easton, PA. It is the first project in the U.S. to feature VacuMax VIG.

For more information, visit the product webpage.

Vitro Architectural Glass