Insulating VRE1-46 (Clear) with RoomSide™ Low-E

May 17, 2023

For the Harim Tower in Seoul, South Korea, the design team at The Beck Group designed an operable window system to facilitate natural ventilation with high-performance, low-E coated windows. The glass also served another important design objective in the façade. “Once we had this dramatic curve element, we wanted the rest of the tower to be just minimal and beautiful and as clean as we could get it,” explains Rick del Monte, The Beck Group’s since-retired Chief Design Officer. The team selected Viracon glass to achieve their aesthetic goals. Using thicker glass panels, 8mm-thick, for the exterior created a flatter finish. “When you look at the reflection, it really is this beautifully flat sort of façade without the typical distortions,” he said. 

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Courtesy of Guardian Glass
Crystalclear low iron glass
Courtesy of Saint-Gobain Glass
Courtesy of Vitro Architectural Glass
VacuMax Vacuum Insulated Glass