SageGlass Classic

April 5, 2023

Using electrochromic technology, SageGlass smart windows change tint in concert with the sun, increasing occupant comfort while maintaining a connection to the outdoors. The SageGlass Classic offers four distinct tint states: Clear, Light, Medium, and Full. The solution blocks 99% of glare-producing light. A recent renovation of Middle Tennessee State University’s Murphy Center equipped “The Glass House” with the ability to better fight glare and solar heat gain. The building now features 33,000 sq. ft. of SageGlass smart windows and is commonly referred to as “the largest installation of dynamic glass in higher education in the United States.”

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Courtesy of Guardian Glass
Crystalclear low iron glass
Courtesy of Saint-Gobain Glass
Courtesy of Vitro Architectural Glass
VacuMax Vacuum Insulated Glass