Go-To Collection of Sustainable Fabrics

March 11, 2024

This collection is a revolutionary offering of sustainable fabrics designed to simplify and elevate the material selection process for architects and designers. The Go-To Collection introduces an evolved Xorel Strie line as part of the curated selection of performance fabrics. The Xorel Strie is a tried and tested go-to choice for wallcoverings, wrapped panels, and upholstery since its first introduction in 2013.  The Strie collection is 100% Xorel, with 85% Biobased Xorel derived from rapidly renewable sugarcane plants. The inherently antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of Strie make it ideal for spaces requiring strict cleanability. The new iteration includes a refreshing palette of 39 colors, delivering a dreamy collection of soothing ethereal hues like gently aged metallics and milky layered neutrals.

For more information, visit the product webpage.