Alura Prefinished Woodgrain Metal Panels

June 4, 2024

Alura prefinished wood-look metal siding offers the long-lasting and low-maintenance benefits of steel while providing the beautiful and natural finish of wood. This modern wood texture elevates the design of any building. Panels will not corrode, crack, warp, split, or rot. Termites and rodents cannot eat through the siding and fire and lightning won’t ignite them. The strong steel structure ensures they last for decades to come.

Alura woodgrain metal panels are shown here on the façade at 675 Almanor, Peery Park, in Sunnyvale, CA, designed by Chang Architecture. 

For more information, visit the product webpage.


Courtesy of Accoya
Accoya Siding
Courtesy of Brian Ashby
Enfold Wallscreen System
Courtesy of MG McGrath, © Brennan Photo
Exterior Louis Vuitton RGB Full Building
Courtesy of Durapalm
Palmshell Exterior Cladding