QuadCore Designwall 4000 insulated metal panel

April 19, 2023

Designwall 4000 is the go-to insulated metal panel choice for large-scale projects. The insulation core has an R-value of 8.0 per inch. Panels are available in thicknesses up to 4” thick providing exceptional thermal performance. The University of Maryland’s Jones-Hill House athletic center, designed by CannonDesign, features over 17,000 sq. ft. of Designwall panels—both Designwall 2000 and Designwall 4000 solutions—to capture energy efficiencies at the building envelope. The product line also offered creative flexibility throughout the project with a variety of finish and color options, trimless ends, longitudinal and traverse bends, and folded corners. 

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Courtesy of Accoya
Accoya Siding
Courtesy of Brian Ashby
Enfold Wallscreen System
Courtesy of MG McGrath, © Brennan Photo
Exterior Louis Vuitton RGB Full Building
Courtesy of Durapalm
Palmshell Exterior Cladding