Science Center Goes for Industrial Look

March 1, 2017
The $15 million Applied Science Center at Ventura College in Ventura, Calif., brings needed technology-centered learning to the community. The center was looking to create the desired industrial feel with its exterior wall panels.
Ventura, Calif.
CHALLENGE:Trying to mimic the tech theme of the Applied Science Center, exterior wall panels created the desired industrial feel look while adding excitement to the campus. INFLUENCE:Metal panels are the ideal choice when technology is the driving force of a building’s purpose and design. For the community college, the dimension of the panels—along with the color selection— speak to the high-tech work going on inside. SOLUTION:The 18,600-sq.-ft. building features 4800 sq. ft. of 0.08-in. painted aluminum Dri-Design Tapered Series and Perforated Panels. Tapered panels are on both the inside and outside of the building; the panels flow seamlessly to connect the spaces and invite students inside to explore and learn. The panels have charcoal, classic copper and silver color finishes. LED lighting, used to create shadows and visual interest, highlights the angles of the exterior installation. Tapered Series Panels can be angled in any direction with varying depths and degree of slope. This freedom to design each specific panel gives an unlimited capacity to create a dynamic, one-of-akind surface on nearly any façade, without the need to modify the substrate or weather barrier. The Perforated Panel Series can be used for applications where airfl ow and/or shade are necessary, as well as to add design style. Virtually any shape or pattern can be perforated into the panels. In this case, the name of the building is prominently displayed in the perforated panels. null

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