Atlanta Luxury

July 1, 2015
Atlanta, Ga.
Lord Aeck Sargent
CHALLENGE:When the time came to develop the 355-unit, five-story Berkshire Terminus upscale apartment building in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood, the design team had one goal: complement the neighboring institutional and corporate office spaces while still offering something distinctive. “We wanted to be a good neighbor,” says Ben Hudgins, project manager and architect of Lord Aeck Sargent in Atlanta. “We wanted to conform to the design standard set by the existing campus while creating something unique.” As is the case with most urban infill projects, one of the biggest challenges was keeping roads and walkways open and accessible. In addition, the team needed to be sensitive to the neighboring businesses still in operation while the building was under construction. INFLUENCE:The building needed to complement neighboring structures, but still stand on its own. Mixing façade materials was an ideal solution, but required careful thought into transitioning from one look to another. The apartment building features a contemporary high-end design that meshes well with neighboring buildings and the community as a whole. SOLUTION:

Careful selection of exterior materials was one way the team successfully differentiated this building from those nearby. The team specified Nichiha VintageWood fiber cement panels for the corners and the most prominent façade of the building to create texture and warmth next to the glass.

“The building is primarily gray and white, so the eye is immediately drawn to the cedar wood color and texture of the VintageWood product. This gives the building an artistic fl air that adds life to an almost homogenous contemporary design,” says installer Bryce Dryden, vice president and director of operations for Living Stone Construction in Kennesaw, Ga.

The use of aluminum composite material panels makes direct reference to the existing buildings, which are made entirely of glass and metal. Nichiha’s Illumination product was also used on this project as a budget-friendly option.