New Shape of Panelized Wall Systems

April 6, 2022

These panelized wall systems offer architects the ability to add another dimension to their building exteriors.

Sto Panel Technology has partnered with Branch Technology to deliver unprecedented 3-dimensional design options for exterior walls. A prefabricated panelized wall system, that includes all the building envelope control layers integrated into a fully customizable 3D printed composite shape, StoPanel 3DP panels are lightweight, structurally robust and easy to install. The big difference from other products, says the manufacturer, are the custom shape cores. Branch’s Cellular Fabrication (C-Fab) 3D printing process allows virtually any shape or form to be created at a large scale. The lightweight polymer matrix is robotically 3D printed in Branch Technology’s direct digital fabrication facility, filled with a two-pound density insulating foam and robotically milled to exact dimensions.

A companion design tool, called Design Assist Services, allows architects to explore aesthetic possibilities and create digital files. Because the shapes are produced directly from digital files rather than being interpreted from shop drawings, the result is extreme accuracy that is true to the original design. The fully tested system with all control layers—air moisture barrier (AMB), continuous insulation/water shedding and UV-resistant finish—meets International Building Code standards, and is faster to complete than traditional construction methods.