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Universal Design: Accessibility for Everyone in Every Space

June 24, 2024

Universal Design and accessibility in commercial buildings are essential for fostering inclusivity for individuals of all abilities. Adhering to these principles not only ensures compliance with regulations but also demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility. By accommodating people with disabilities, businesses can expand their customer base and enhance their reputation. 

This eHandbook offers practical articles and valuable resources to help you create environments that are accessible, inclusive, and adaptable for everyone, regardless of age. Inside, you’ll find guidance on designing inclusive spaces for neurodiverse populations, tips for avoiding common ADA compliance mistakes, and a comprehensive checklist for handling ADA complaints. Additionally, we provide case studies showcasing real-world applications of these principles and introduce a dozen products to consider for your next project.

Sponsored by: Koala Kare Products, Bobrick Washroom Equipment, InPro