WiFi-Enabled, ADA-Compliant Operator

Dec. 11, 2020

With its slim profile, the 6300 Series Low Energy Operator, with WiFi, can fit into tight spaces while blending seamlessly with the door frame. Its modular design allows for one-person installation and single and double door applications. It also features the first known programming interface using any WiFi-enabled smart device, with no need to download an app. ADA-enabled, it allows doors to be operated through the use of push buttons, wave switches or hands-free radio frequency devices.

Such functionality was crucial at the Burton Blatt Institute (BBI) at Syracuse University. Housed in Dineen Hall, the latter underwent renovations, which included the need to change its aluminum frame doors with glass transoms, which could not handle the weight of standard power door operators. BBI selected the Norton 6300 Series operators, which can accommodate doors up to 48 in. wide. These were installed to span the entire opening of the existing aluminum doors, and attach securely to both sides of the frame and header—enabling the university to retain the many existing door frames. In addition, because the 6300 Series have one of the slimmest profiles available, they blend seamlessly with BBI’s existing door frames. Chris Stewart, Syracuse University’s associate director of administration and technical services, highlights another benefit. “Because 6300 operators have built-in relay boards, we avoided the expense of third-party relays to integrate the openers with our access control system.”

Judge’s Comment: “This product addresses a real need in ADA door operator requirements with an elegant, well-thought-out solution.”

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