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Decorative Glass

Colorful Glass

May 3, 2022
Glen-Gery’s Venetian Glass Series taps directly into the spirit of the Venetian artisans who produce glass in its finest form: pure and crystal. This signature style is the centerpiece...

Show Stoppers

April 22, 2022
Glen-Gery has debuted its 2022 collection, which features an assortment of new products, including the Aviator Series, shown here. Aviator consists of several distinct monochromatic...
Exterior Panels/Cladding

Earth Bound

June 10, 2021
Terraçade is Glen-Gery’s first-ever ceramic façade cladding system designed and created to appeal to both creative and practical applications. The system is offered in a range...

Driven by Data

July 10, 2019
LOCATION:Rochester, N.Y. DESIGN TEAM:Kennedy & Violich Architecture The University of Rochester, in Rochester, N.Y., began accepting students to its new Goergen Institute of ...

Nod to Tradition

June 27, 2019
Face-brick cladding lends a traditional appearance to a high-performing building on the campus of Norwalk Community College. The façade of the $30 million Center for Science, ...

Touchy Textures

Jan. 14, 2019
[img src="A"]With the addition of three new textures—Craftsman, Stone Rolled and Warble—specifiers of these masonry units now have a total of six texture options to choose from...
Courtesy of Glen-Gery.
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Exterior Panels/Cladding


Nov. 30, 2022
A unique ceramic façade cladding system, Glen-Gery’s new Terracade tiles deliver on aesthetics and performance. Offered in an array of color-retaining hues and sizes, the natural...