Encouraging Community

May 1, 2016
San Francisco’s MB360 apartments encourage a sense of community in its courtyard space while also creating intimate niches for its residents.
San Francisco
CHALLENGE:Set in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood, MB360 is a trendy mixed-use apartment community with resort-style amenities, including pool, spa, outdoor fireplace and dining areas. Designing the outdoor living areas, however, presented certain challenges. “Our firm had a dual challenge: to encourage a community atmosphere in the courtyard while also creating intimate niches for residents,” said Cathy Garrett, president of PGAdesign, a landscape architectural firm in Oakland, Calif. INFLUENCE:MB360 and the larger Mission Bay development have created a new urban community on the waterfront. “By designating these intimate spaces within the courtyard, we have helped bring a more human scale and interaction to the neighborhood,” said Garrett. SOLUTION:Working with Garrett and her staff, Móz Designs was selected to provide unique outdoor fixtures, including stylized shade trellises and a Mondrian-inspired screen for the spa. “From our first meeting, we were impressed with the versatility and creative possibilities of Móz metals,” said Garrett. “Our designs evolved as the Móz team took our initial plans and fabricated them into tailored elements that are artful and elegant. They showed us the nearly limitless possibilities of metal.” Móz created two styles: a trellis with a series of cantilevered panels and a curved trellis with rolled metal. Both were fabricated from 0.063-in. doublesided perforated aluminum. A Móz Waves grain was applied and then coated for exterior conditions. Adjacent to the spa, a Mondrian-themed screen was fabricated by Móz, based on a PGAdesign rendering to create a more intimate corner for spa visitors. null

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