Easy Route to Airport Shading, Privacy and Security

Dec. 9, 2019

Unusual application of metal material as drapery addresses glare and privacy without drawing attention to itself.

Horseheads, NY
Fennick McCredie Architecture with Cascade Architectural

Address heat and glare from the southwest setting sun in the Elmira Corning Regional Airport in Horseheads, N.Y.


Working with Fennick McCredie Architecture, Cascade Architectural provided 3,055 sq. ft. of 5/16-in. 15-gauge aluminum Fabricoil in three very different applications within the airport’s interior, including: window drapery, a privacy partition and a security gate for the Taste NY Bar. The coiled wire fabric is finished in Antique Bronze and secured using Cascade Architectural’s operable Steel Secura Track attachments. “We specified Fabricoil to curve around the perimeter of the departing gate lounge, which provides solar shading to keep guests comfortable while still allowing visibility out to the courtyard,” says Nancy Felts, Project Manager, aia, leed ap at Fennick McCredie.

The window treatment extends past the floor-to-ceiling glass windows of the lounge to double as a partition separating the open space and public charging stations. This coiled wire fabric divider gives users glare-free privacy while working on personal laptops or mobile devices. Fabricoil is also used as a side-folding security gate for Taste NY Bar within the airport, utilizing the same Steel Secura Track with bottom footbolt attachments and side hook bolt locks to secure the area during closed hours. Fabricoil security gates come available in multiple locking configurations including both lock and key intermediate footbolt options, and can be equipped with a series of channels, handles, batons and other reliable hardware components for customization.

The material can be specified in varying sizes, colors and fullness percentages, allowing architects to adjust the level of transparency depending on application—this is especially important for window treatments to achieve the desired amount of daylighting and for security applications where less visibility may be required.


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