Ordinary Into Extraordinary

Dec. 17, 2020

Integrating Móz’ signature laser cut and perforated metals, Backlit Metals makes patterns pop and casts shadows onto surfaces, transforming ordinary walls, ceilings and structural columns into unique design elements, allowing a reimagination of what a strong surface can look like for both interiors and exteriors. Ready to install, including LED light strips and drivers along with optional light-diffusing acrylic backers. Alongside a wide range of lighting solutions to perforated and laser cut metals, the Column Cover Systems can also be backlit to glow in an evenly dispersed pattern, or illuminated from lighting at the base, creating a welcoming focal point.

Suitable for a variety of projects, from the office, to hospitality and retail, the product can be paired with Key-Slot Wall System for walls. T​he open bracket mounting system​ creates clearance to effortlessly integrate lighting by positioning LED lights from above, below and behind so light can travel between the panels. The Backlit Metal Solutions offers 27 laser cut, five perforated and endless custom patterns. Interior and exterior designs available.

Judge’s Comments: “It’s tempting for manufacturers to say, ‘the possibilities are endless’—as evidenced when so many do. But, in this instance, Móz Designs Backlit Panels live up to that billing.”