Laser Cut Column

April 12, 2022

Móz Designs’ new feature column outside San Jose’s Hanover Diridon residential building is an eye-catching backlit Laser Cut column dotted with the company’s Skyline pattern and finished in a white matte powder coat. Contrasting with the building’s stone exterior, wood accents, and two-toned patio tiles, the backlit column’s clean, modern design nods to the duality of San Jose: the traditional residential area, and the emerging, technology-driven Innovation District that intersects at Hanover Diridon. The column’s unique cone-like shape is an elevated alternative to traditional columns that makes it stand out as a prominent design feature. Internal LED lighting with drivers and white acrylic backing is also included within the column for added depth and luminance beneath the Laser Cut pattern. Complete with 18 stacked aluminum panels and backlit features, the column’s dimension and texture create a focal point for residents and passersby at any time of day.