The Power of Pattern

April 12, 2022

Using the power of patterns to create new dimensions that offer completely different experiences, Parasoleil has unveiled five new patterns that communicate a new visual language, and through it, create places where people want to be. Named Julius, Regent’s Park, Las Palmas, Mako and Gotham, the new patterns are engineered for safety, building code requirements, and IBC structural requirements. Julius—as in Caesar—is inspired by the Rubicon pattern. Regent’s Park offers the peaceful sense and spiritual vibe of one of London’s most popular parks. Inspired by the mid-century modern style of California’s Palm Springs, Las Palmas brings out the charm of a desert oasis. The Mako is inspired by the fractal patterns in water ripples created by said shark. Lastly, Gotham, as a nod to the caped superheroes, is a playful mix of geometry, perspective and whimsy.

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