Providing Cleanliness Within a Modern Design

Oct. 3, 2022
A hand sanitizing fixture adds the finishing touch in upscale hotel rebuild.


As the managing director of the newly rebuilt Hotel Versailles in Ohio, Jack Olshan was determined to infuse every part of the luxury, boutique hotel with modern, upscale elements.

But one detail eluded him. 

Olshan was seeking a way to demonstrate the hotel’s commitment to the health and safety of its guests without detracting from the striking visuals of the property.

But he was frustrated that every hand sanitizer dispenser he encountered detracted from the carefully curated aesthetics of the hotel.


Olshan wanted a fixture that was not only visually appealing but highly functional as well. It needed to be depended upon to work reliably, withstand heavy use and be easy to maintain.


When he came across the Vaask hand sanitizing fixture at the 2021 HD Expo, the hospitality design trade show, Olshan finally found the answer. The fixture’s clean lines and all-metal construction fit right in with the ambiance of Hotel Versailles. 

“Vaask is the only hand sanitizer company that has done something this beautiful,” Olshan said. “It looks like we designed around them.”

Hotel Versailles’ architects and designers worked with Vaask to place the fixtures in high-touch, high-traffic areas. Architects learned that they could spec Vaask into projects because it is recessed into the wall, offering a permanent solution.

“Sustainability was important, and so were upkeep and aesthetics,” Olshan said.

Because each unit is hard-wired to AC power, there is no need for batteries. The high-capacity, easily refillable cartridge reduces maintenance and waste. The five-year warranty reassured Olshan that Vaask is built to last.

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