Unika Vaev

The Outdoors In

The Lovi Acoustic Trees make a beautiful visual statement and absorbs sound at the same time. The trees are available as a tree, a spruce, or as half trees installed against the wall. Made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, they are available in 10 color-ways and are available in three heights: 78.75 in., 118.1 in, 157. in and the half tree 78.7-in. high. Spruce Trees are available in four heights: 70.9 in., 106.2 in., 137.7 in., 157.5 in. and the half trees are either 47.2-in. or 70.8-in. high.


Attention Drawn Upward

A ceiling can now be a work of art thanks to ecoustic Sculpt Ceiling Tiles by unika vaev. An award-winning acoustic ceiling tile collection, it is available in nine striking designs with the ability to create custom profiles for specific interiors. It achieves a high level of acoustic performance by virtue of its shape, construction and the combination of Instyles’s ecoustic SC panels and sound mesh. The tiles can be installed easily into existing or new fit outs and can be easily removed to gain access to services. 


A Timber Touch to Soundproofing

Unika Vaev adds to its portfolio of decorative acoustical solutions with its ecoustic Timer Blade Collection, featuring wall and ceiling panels produced from solid woods that are available in several sound diffusing profiles. Finishes are available in either Hemlock (clear, white wash, walnut, hickory, shale or espresso), Red Cedar (clear), Spotted Gum (clear) or in White Birch Plywood (clear).