Stone Forest

All Natural

From Stone Forest is a set of unique benches: The Puzzle Bench features a modular set of alternating concave and convex cubes, carved from solid blocks of Antique Grey limestone. The Quad Bench is a parallelogram-shaped, part utilitarian, part modernist sculpture, available in Gregio Sandstone or Antique Grey Limestone. The Natural Boulder Fire Vessel offers rich patinas formed over millions of years that create a dramatic contrast with the saw cut and polished top surface. For use with a customized gas kit and tempered glass, available with a match-lit or electronic gas kit and light blue or black glass. 


Elementary Elemental

As a creative contrast to Ventus Wall Hung Sink’s industrial-inspired exposed hardware, Stone Forest’s new integrated sink features a modern, geometric shape. As part of the Elemental collection of brass legs with knurled fittings, any combination of stone, wood and steel components can be incorporated. 


The beauty of Onyx

Leveraging the semi-translucent features of onyx, Stone Forest’s Barrel Sink is outfitted with a LED rope light to deliver a striking glow from behind. The hand-carved piece highlights onyx’s crystalline structure and deep colors.