Scranton Products

Increased Privacy

Fabricated from a durable HDPE material, Aria Partitions feature full-length doors and interior panels for extra privacy. Designers can choose from multiple door designs, including raised-panel options. 


Pristine Privacy

Scranton Products has combined striking aesthetics and enhanced privacy with the introduction of its new line of Aria Partitions. Developed to provide both privacy and beauty in public restrooms, each system is available with 17 different door designs, seven panel designs and 27 colors and textures. 


New Era Kicks Off for Camp Hill High

Built in 1940, Christian L. Siebert Park, the home stadium of Camp Hill High School in southern Pennsylvania, was more noted for its cracked stands, sagging bleachers and sub-par on-field conditions than for providing a home-field advantage. In fact, most home teams, such as track & field, competed on the road or off-site; the Lions football team held halftime meetings on the pool deck rather than in the aging field house.