Zurich North America Headquarters Schaumburg, Ill.

A Pillar of Stability and Strength

Typically, the only time you deal with an insurance company is when facing a loss or tragedy. That’s why global insurance provider, Zurich, commissioned their new North American headquarters to be a pillar of “stability and strength” for all who view it, in Schaumburg, Ill.—where they’ve been had a local presence for a century. The 783,800-sq.-ft. complex is composed of three primary buildings or “bars,” each 95-ft. wide × 395-ft., 425-ft. and 485-ft. long, respectively. The lower two bars are angled to optimize solar orientation and minimize sound from the neighboring interstate, while the top bar—soaring 11 stories—is cantilevered

Steinhardt Museum of Natural History, Tel Aviv, Israel

Steinhardt Museum of Natural History

Housed inside a symbolic wooden treasure chest, that doubles as the cladding for the museum’s collection, Tel Aviv University’s Steinhardt Museum of Natural History—with more than 5 million specimens collected over the past century—is the largest, most active center for biodiversity research in the Middle East. Making a splash with its Noah’s Ark-looking façade, Kimmel Eshkolot Architects’ concept was two-fold: beckon museum patrons and passersby to come inside and explore, while also providing a climate-controlled space for the archeological specimens.“The collections are the heart of the building and we wanted it to be exposed to the city and