MechoShade Systems

The MechoShade  ElectroShade iQ2 AC + DC system is installed in San Antonio’s Frost Tower.

Motorized Magic

Having certified all of its manual shade systems and PVC-free solar shade systems with either Cradle to Cradle or Material Health certifications, MechoShade’s ElectroShade iQ2 AC + DC System was selected by Cradle to Cradle to participate in the organization’s Version 4 pilot program. With the product’s custom hardware assemblies and extensive parts, planning for product circularity for a motorized system is particularly challenging. Mecho is embracing the trial as an opportunity to establish end-of-life plans for all of its components. Once successful, the motorized shading system will become the first of its kind to be C2C version 4 certified.


Made In The Shade

SolarTrac 4.0 merges predictive algorithms with real-time weather conditions. The software incorporates the sun’s precise position based on date, time, building GPS location and glass façade orientation—and calculates shadows and reflections from surrounding buildings—to automatically raise or lower window shades accordingly.