Live Wall

The Walls Are Alive

Similar to the way in which the Columbus library embraces nature, Perkins and Will opted to include an indoor living wall at Trent University’s Bata Library in Peter-borough, Ontario.Perkins and Will designed a 7-ft., 278-sq.-ft. LiveWall Indoor Living Wall System, which “unifies two adjacent seating areas to create an inviting open space, softens the center of the library’s interior and complements the tone of the cedar ceilings,” explains James Mallinson, B.Arch., OAA, LEED AP, project architect, Perkins and Will, Toronto.The installation is a modular system which sets up a “vertical garden” mounted onto walls. Vertical furring tracks are attached o


Vertical Gardening

Natural-food retailer Whole Foods is making a statement about its connections to nature with its new Midwest flagship store—the exterior of the 75,000-sq.-ft. outlet is wrapped on three sides with a green wall featuring more than 5000 plants. The LiveWall system totals 4,740 sq. ft. and uses modular planter boxes supported by a rail system with integrated irrigation.