Hastings Tile & Bath

New and Improved

With its modern, slipper-tub-inspired shape, the newest version of Hastings Tile & Bath’s Chelsea Bathtub features a slightly higher back for better ergonomics. Available in both 60-in. and 66-in. sizes, the tub can be finished in polished white, matte white, shiny polished gray and velvety matte gray. 



Leveraging timeless bricks into a subway-styled tiles, Crafted from Hastings Tile & Bath is handmade and hand-glazed tiles in a variety of patterns from hand-drawn horizontal lines to more intricate horizontal and vertical lines combined. 


Hand-Stenciled Tiles

Created from well-known designer Italian Atelier Bardelli’s freehand drawing style, the Tangram Collection features attractive stenciled drawings in the form of bath tiles. Bardelli imports his drawings into mixed media for more specific detailing, thereby blending his traditional craft with modern design techniques.