Mobile Living Walls

GSky’s MOBILE Versa Wall offers a way to bring more green into the interior in a solution that is flexible enough to accommodate the changing layouts currently demanded by the corporate world today. Tank pump and irrigation are included in each unit, which hold up to 12 gallons of water and eliminate the need for a water feed and drain. Built-in lighting guarantees plants will remain full and healthy. A single, smart-control unit makes it simple to control the lighting and irrigation. Made in the U.S., the MOBILE Versa Wall measures 79-in. high, 40-in. wide × 19-in. deep.

Located in Brooklyn, the custom-fabricated storefront and weathered steel façade have an industrial aesthetic that stays true to the Williamsburg neighborhood’s metalworking past.

Yoga Studio Poses as Mixed-Use

Yoga studios are becoming community hubs where yoga is just the beginning. DXA Studio’s design for Modo Yoga in New York City caters to the health and well-being of its mind-body conscious clientele. The design concept embraces the core principles of Modo Yoga: calm mind, fit body, inspired life by providing amenities beyond the typical yoga studio. Similar to a health club where members might linger before or after a fitness session, the design includes locker rooms, social spaces and a retail component. Many elements of the design embrace the yogic principle of serene, non-harming surroundings. Modo Yoga’s seven pillars: Be Healthy, Be Accessible, Live Green, Community Support, Reach Out,