Heat Gain No More

The cassette-style FlexShade ZIP XL is delivered as a complete, enclosed unit, making installation easier. And its small profile incorporates an integrated cradle support system that minimizes the deflection that can cause wrinkles to develop in fabric shades over time. This exterior system prevents glare and heat gain from entering interior spaces.Judge’s Comment: “Excellent application for glazing that doesn’t have overhangs or louvers.”


Innovation with Dimensionality

Ever since Herman Miller’s 12-ft. × 18-ft.-high shades were disconnected for safety concerns that might fall, the furniture manufacturer’s Holland, Mich. manufacturing facility was suffering with glare from southern-facing skylights. In seeking a system to operate the large shades, Draper was tapped to design a custom wheeled hem bar with side tracks to guide the hem bars along the curtainwall slope. Draper added intermediate rollers to support the fabric and minimize sag.


New Heights in Customization

To support a beautiful façade design with unique angles and breaks in the glass for the University of Chicago’s Lab School, a highly customized shading solution was required. Draper rose to the challenge, designing a motorized shade system on tracks with re-directional rollers to help the shades follow the changes in slope. “With the changing break-line in the curtainwall glass per shade, each shade was slightly different with different length tracks, different length brackets and different numbers of brackets,” reports Draper’s director of engineering Harold Seib. “Another issue was bending the side channels/tracks. We used 3D engineering rapid prototyping mach