In the Clouds

The mix of nine standard geometric patterns included in the DESIGNFlex for Formations Acoustical Clouds allows designers to create made-to-order noise-reduction suspensions for conference rooms and other areas. Specifiers can choose from several popular panel products, along with integrated linear- and shaped-lighting options from Axis Geometric and JLC Terch.

Logan Airport, Suffolk County, Mass.

Design Impact

Techstyle’s large-format panels up to 4 ft. × 8 ft. createan exceptionally smooth surface for a premium look. The lightweight, sag-resistant fiberglass acoustic panels remain flat, even in high-moisture applications, and the surface is customizable with a large variety of colors, patterns and graphic designs. Each panel can be direct mounted to walls as well as ceilings for enhanced design impact and acoustic performance.


Slate-Look Upgrade

When members of St. John’s Lutheran Church were considering a roof replacement for their 60-year-old facility, they decided an upgrade in both performance and appearance was in order. They wanted a roof that would stand up longer to the area’s high-wind events than the existing asphalt roof, and that suited the building’s traditional architecture. Matterhorn Slate metal roofing fit both requirements, with some members saying they would consider the material for their own homes.


Composite Clapboards

ICON composite cladding is formulated from a thermoset, polyurethane material that bears the appearance of natural wide-cedar planks while offering significant moisture, rot and insect resistance. The boards are lighter and more flexible than fiber cement or real cedar and are designed for easy installation.