'Athleisure' at the Office

Movement, action and performance are what we expect from athletes and now they are a desirable quality in the corporate environment. PFRM from Carnegie is a collection of sport-forward designs based on technical performance fabrics expected in athletic realms combined with the desired refined, flattering and aesthetic found in today’s “athleisure” wardrobes. Carnegie unveiled its collaboration with Gensler design principal, Lee Pasteris, to NeoCon audiences last June where the design concept in performance fabrics for furniture garnered rave reviews. The collaboration between Carnegie and Gensler produced a playful collection of fabrics that takes its cues from the flexibil

The iridescent effects invite natural lighting while providing privacy.

Nothing But Net

Net Works window collection is inspired by the durable and high-performance qualities of active wear. The three draperies offered—Globe, Space and Link—all feature an open-knit technology that casts light in an intriguing way while adding a contemporary flair. The iridescent effect of the textiles invites natural lighting in while simultaneously providing privacy and meeting stringent fire codes. 


Covering All the Bio-Bases

In the evolution of textiles, there has never been a product as unique Carnegie’s Xorel. Developed in the early ’70s as an alternative to conventional resilient wall finishes, paint and vinyl, the nearly indestructible product has come a long way in both design development and material formulation. Led by Cliff Goldman, the company knew it had a unique offering in Xorel, that would only improve incrementally; in 2007, when the product was certified Cradle-to-Cradle Silver, and Goldman asked ‘why not go for the gold?’ That was the impetus for the seven-year research and development efforts of vinyl-free, 60% to 85% bio-based Xorel. It is derived from sugar cane plants and is indiscernible fro