433 Broadway, New York City

Articulation Curbs NYC "Dirt Factor"

433 Broadway walks a fine line between historic form and modern function, visually blending in to Manhattan’s historic SOHO district. Owned by Cubico, it is the first building entirely devoted to shared workspace constructed from the ground up. With this came a host of design challenges to allow varied companies to coexist—and thrive—within the same workspace. “Because it is being used by any number of different people, we wanted it to be as general and anonymous as possible,” says Nelson Vega, Associate Principal, AIA, RKTB Architects. RKTB also set out to avoid enclosed spaces that would block daylight from getting deep into each floor, with a lot of interior


Get Stoned

New PLUS natural Terra Series aluminum-composite cladding finishes were inspired by iridescent stone. Introduced in Europe last year, the weather-resistant finishes create a sparkling appearance in daylight, creating the look of stone in a lightweight material.


Neighborhood Diversity

The 12-story Olume multifamily residential building in San Francisco’s Mission District features a unique multilayered cube-like metal facade, which has become one of the most recognizable buildings in the city. A big compliment to architects is hearing that one of their building designs has become a recognizable landmark. That is the case for architects at the Los Angeles office of Arquitectonica Intl. Corp., who designed the 12-story, 138,512-sq.-ft. Olume multifamily residential building in San Francisco’s Mission District with a unique multi-layered cube-like metal façade. Arquitectonica was brought in to redesign the façade of the building after the project’s entitlement process had bee