Clearly Rugged Ceramic

Jan. 9, 2019

Transparent ceramic products are often unseen, but always indispensable. This is the case of CeramTec’s Perlucor transparent ceramic glass coating, which has many uses in the built environment. Last month at Light + Building in Frankfurt, Germany CeramTec’s innovative coating material was introduced as part of the new Dasar Premium product series for lighting manufacturer SLV as a glass cover fitted with a transparent layer of Perlucor. It acts as the reinforcement of in-ground and at-grade landscape luminaires. The transparent ceramic is a functional addition to the design of SLV’s 316L-type stainless steel fixture; at the same time, it also lives up to the design’s sleek aesthetic requirements. Glass with Perlucor coating is scratch-resistant and can withstand extreme environmental factors, including chemical, mechanical or thermal stress. It is strong enough that it may be used instead of sapphire glass, enabling a range of design possibilities in architectural applications, including protection and reinforcement of glass stairs, walk-on windows, skylights and glass floors. It is also suitable as a complete alternative to glass, and can be used monolithically in certain
applications in place of laminated glass.

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