Quieting Interiors with Knitted Felt

June 18, 2020

FELTWorks Blades from Armstrong enable architects and designers to redefine the ceiling plane with a soft linear visual that adds quiet and warmth to interior office spaces. Available in two knitted design modules, as well as rectangular panels in 6-in., 8-in. and 10-in. heights, knitted module options include Ebbs & Flows and Peaks & Valleys designs and custom looks as well. The 3/8-in.-thick panels are available in standard 48-in. and 96-in. lengths and 15 standard colors. Made from 50% post-consumer recycled PET fibers, panels absorb up to 70% of the sound that strikes them. Carrying a Class A fire rating, the blades are approved for use in all seismic categories.

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