Enhanced Performance at a Terminal Expansion

Helena, MT
CWG Architecture, PSH+
© Heidi Long, courtesy of Rockfon

Helena Regional Airport’s Passenger Terminal expansion needed a ceiling that would add acoustical benefits, match the modern design and have plenum access where needed.


A variety of linear and curved ceiling shapes in multiple sizes and finishes help beautify Montana’s Helena Regional Airport’s 20,000 sq.-ft. Passenger Terminal Expansion. Just above the expanded TSA screening checkpoint, 4,400 sq. ft. of Rockfon Planar Plus 4-in. aluminum linear ceilings with perforations and an acoustical backer offer a high Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating of up to 0.90 for enhanced speech privacy and reduced stress, and allows travelers to hear announcements. The visible surface of the linear metal panels were finished in satin silver to emphasize the terminal’s modern look.

CWG Architecture and PSH+, the interior designers, also specified 1100 sq. ft. of Rockfon Curvgrid 2-ft. × 6-ft. panels which arches and undulates as a two-directional wave.

Near the gates, Rockfon Spanair Torsion Spring 2-ft. × 8-ft. aluminum panels were selected for their crisp aesthetic and easy plenum access.


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