Ceilings Elevate Iconic Community Focal Point

Sept. 13, 2021

The Edmonton Public Library celebrated the grand opening of its renewed Stanley A. Milner Library and has become a focal point for the community and culture in downtown Edmonton.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Teeple Architects
© Andrew Latreille, courtesy of Rockfon

The updated library not only reinvented its former box-shaped structure into a flowing, angular, modern icon, but also reimagined its interior as a brighter, quieter, more inviting and innovative public space.


Anchoring an emerging cultural district around Sir Winston Churchill Square, the Milner Library helps create a thriving and vibrant downtown Edmonton. Meeting the growing and changing needs of the Milner Library’s 1.2 million annual visitors, Teeple Architects reshaped the interior to better respond and connect with its community and customers.

The $84.5-million Milner Library expansion encompasses 230,000 sq. ft. At its center, a multi-story atrium ascends within the building’s stacked floorplates, interspersed with exterior window views, and interconnected by light and openness.


Supporting Edmonton Public Library and Milner Library’s design goals, Teeple Architects selected Rockfon’s acoustic stone wool ceiling panels to contribute to the welcoming, comfortable, energy-efficient space. Rockfon Artic, Cinema Black, Color-all and Tropic were specified to meet the aesthetic, functional and acoustical needs of each area. In total, QSI Interiors Ltd. installed more than 71,000 sq. ft. of Rockfon’s ceiling panels in the six-story library.

The revitalized Milner Library’s design optimizes acoustics, categorizing each functional space or zone by its acoustic goals and utilizing a Rockfon acoustic ceiling panel with the appropriate amount of sound absorption. Where high noise levels are expected or critical listening is required, the highest Noise Reduction Coefficient of NRC 0.90+ was specified. Where quiet concentration is needed or where a bit more excitement is desired, ceiling panels with NRC 0.80 performance are installed. In areas where less acoustic control is required, such as private rooms or circulation paths, lower performing panels of NRC 0.70 were used.

Helping manage noise and optimize acoustics to match each area’s function, Rockfon Tropic, Cinema Black, Color-All and Artic ceiling panels provide the necessary range of sound absorption throughout the project with NRCs of 0.75 to 0.95.


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