Sauna & Spa

Totally Digital

Expanding its digital features ThermaSol’s new ThermaTouch Plus delivers complete customization of the spa/shower environment. With its Android operating system, users can access apps, just like a mobile device, including TV networks and Hulu and Netflix streaming. The product also controls all aspects of steam generation and showering. 


Lap of Luxury

A hydrotherapy circuit whirlpool bathtub, Jacuzzi’s Elara features a tailored seat, targeting key muscle groups in three settings: a neck-massaging waterfall, back and lumbar, and full-body treatment. Incorporating Jacuzzi’s Whispher + Technology, noise and vibration levels are reduced by 66%, as compared to standard whirlpool systems. Additional features include an anti-microbial finish and gravity-assisted drain-down plumbing.


Letting Off [Green] Steam

Born of a novel research project in 2014, the NEST in Schwabish Hall, Switzerland, a region known for its engineering ingenuity—especially when it comes to water—is a lab that bridges the gap between cutting-edge construction technology in theory and practice. Its most recent module is Klafs saunas and spas showroom and wellness spa, entirely powered by renewable energy. In this case, the company recognized that spending time in fitness clubs, equipped with mechanical machines, saunas and spas may grant health and well being to an individual, but not necessarily the environment. To mitigate the effects of resource-intensive well-being, NEST has re-engineered its fitness spa with respect to e