Fastening Systems

Fasten up Discreetly

Fasteners remain out of view with the new EB-TY Premium system designed for high-end decking applications. Boards are joined together, one at a time, using biscuit-shaped discs installed into slots cut into their sides. The discs are screwed into the deck’s joists, with no screws visible on the deck’s surface. The result is precise spacing and added strength, with the flexibility needed to expand and contract with changing weather.


Fire-Wall Support from a Different Angle

Because not every architectural plan is designed around right angles, the DGH fire-wall hanger can be specified with a skewed or offset option. Like other models in the DG series, the hangers install on a two-hour wood-stud fire-wall during framing and allow two layers of 5∕8-in. gypsum wall board to be slipped into place after framing is complete.


Bore-ing Solutions

The two-part Fascia-Fastening Solution is designed specifically for the installation of increasingly popular composite and PVC fascia boards, to address expansion and contraction issues that can lead to material failure due to environmental exposure. First, the fascia counterbore bit is used to counterbore a hole through the board that’s wider than the screw shank. Then the fascia screw is driven through this hole and into the backing substrate. The wider hole allows room for expansion and allows the screw head to sit flush with the board.