Windows to the World




1115 H Street NE


Washington, D.C.

Design Team:

Square 134

Product Specs:

Product: Triple Pane Window
Material: uPVC, Steel

Originally Published:

Team targets efficiency, size and aesthetics for 1115 H Street.


The H Street corridor in Washington, D.C., is a street on the cusp. With an influx of young, eager homeowners and the kind of conveniences they desire, H Street is set to be the bustling place that a few developers began planning almost ten years ago. One of those developers is Stan Wall. Wall envisioned a multifamily building right in the middle of the H Street corridor—specifically one that would be a model of sustainability.


Vince Harriman, the builder for 1115 H Street, notes that “building science considers windows part of any project’s top three considerations—envelope (wall type, windows and doors), air sealing and HVAC—meaning they determine so much of a project’s success.” In the case of 1115 H Street, the team defined success as energy efficiency, sensible economics and a strong building statement. Wall agreed it was important that the windows contribute to the building’s look and feel; when the building was viewed from the front, the team desired huge, loft-style, floor-to-ceiling windows.


When it came to the windows, the biggest factor, bar none, was efficiency—the team needed windows that could give the most points for targeted LEED Platinum certification.


The team selected Intus Windows, which were attractive from a size perspective. The team learned that they could use an all-vinyl product for such large openings. The Intus product provides steel reinforcement throughout the frame for additional strength and rigidity. Harriman was especially drawn in by Intus’ triple-pane offerings. In addition, the team could offer the big, striking look they wanted with 6-ft. × 6-ft. windows—approximately three times the size of standard residential casement windows.

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