Scenic Views Provide Spiritual Growth

A place of quiet refuge, the Hope Church in Richmond, Va., wanted to create interior spaces for its Lodge expansion project that would blend the interior seamlessly with the outdoor environment.


The Lodge, an expansion project for the Hope Church in Richmond, Va., is a multipurpose facility with a large gathering space and small break out rooms, designed primarily to support the growth of the church’s teen ministry programs, as well as to facilitate community connections.


Hope Church is a place of quiet refuge, a place to belong and a place to grow. All of these details were reflected in the design of the building.


The objective was to create interior spaces that blend almost seamlessly with the lush exterior environment. Narrow sightlines offer maximum glass area and minimum frame, providing panoramic views and an abundance of daylight while discreet muntin patterns contribute to the essential character of the architectural design.


St. Cloud Window understood the architects objective, “The 2500 Series windows and terrace doors are a beautiful expression of form matching function. It seemed to us the architect’s intent was to create a thoroughly modern facility with the most advanced performance attributes but expressed in a structure that nestles unobtrusively into the surrounding landscape and welcomes in all that natural beauty,” says Casey Mahon, president, St. Cloud Window.

The Lodge’s architectural design complements the main structure of Hope Church with a modified post and beam GeoBarns building. GeoBarns founder George Abetti uses a unique architectural engineering configuration which includes a basic post and beam design coupled with open truss diagonal framing to achieve a combination of strength, versatility and beauty. The building process is like an Amish barn raising.

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