Retractable Awning a Highlight in Miami Restaurant

Patrons can now experience all-weather courtyard dining in this trendy London-franchised eatery.


The London-based Chotto Matte restaurant opened its first U.S. outlet in Miami Beach, complete with a retractable awning spanning a stylish outdoor bar and restaurant space.


The fabric canopy is supported by two 38-ft. long aluminum drive beams that are spaced 27 ft. apart and are completely out of view when in the retracted position, offering an unobstructed view of the sky.

“The system was able to span the entire outdoor courtyard opening,” says Charles Benson, owner, Charles H. Benson & Associate Architects, p.a., architect of record. “Its structure is uncomplicated, it has a beautiful, simple aesthetic and operations are smooth and easy.”

The translucent, minimalist retractable canopy has already survived the powerful Category 4 Hurricane Irma and allows the operators to dial up the perfect indoor/outdoor dining experience for their clientele at the push of a button.


Uni-Systems’ En-Fold stadium-grade retractable awning system allows for all-weather dining in an elegant, trendy environment, while adding a unique design component to the overall aesthetic. “The artistic aesthetic was perfect for this space,” adds Benson. The translucent En-Fold retractable canopy is made with ePTFE fabric, and it spans a light well in the ceiling that extends up through the restaurant’s second level. This feature serves as the centerpiece of the unique restaurant space below.

The En-Fold drive beam spacing is 20 ft. on center, so Uni-Systems had to push the limits of the system to achieve a 28-ft. drive beam spacing. None of the En-Fold structure can be seen from below.

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