A Perfect Combination

AIA Priority Category:

  • Energy




Forsyth County Central Library


Winston-Salem, N.C.

Design Team:


Product Specs:

SunGuard SNX 62/27 and SunGuard SNX 51/23 Coated Glass

Originally Published:

In renovating approximately 50,000 sq. ft., and adding an additional 50,000 sq. ft. at the Forsyth County Central Library in downtown Winston-Salem, N.C. ratio Architects specified Guardian SunGuard SNX 62/27 and SunGuard SNX 51/23 coated glass.

“Guardian SunGuard coated glass provided the right performance to meet the energy performance goals for this project, while providing abundant visible light tempered with solar-heat management,” explains ratio Principal Kevin Huse, aia. “The glass team worked with ratio to combine SunGuard with acid etched glass in some insulated glass units, 40% white dot frit on other IGUs and clear IGU coated glass, these three looks allowed us to get the coloration and tinting just right, bringing the pattern we envisioned to life on the façade.”

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