Innovative thin stone wall system renews ‘70s building

Feb. 10, 2023
Arriscraft’s ARRIS-tile thin stone with the ProGUARD® DP wall system modernizes an affordable rental home apartment building in Boston.


Built in 1974, the Haynes House affordable apartment building needed full exterior refurbishment, including updated masonry, 100% window replacement and new storefront building entries, plus other updates throughout the building including life safety system upgrades, energy enhancements, accessibility improvements, and common area upgrades.

Davis Square Architects worked with Madison Park Development Corporation on these extensive renovations to this 131-unit, seven story brick building in the Roxbury community of Boston.


The exterior required a full 300-foot replacement over the existing aged brick. The design team required a high-quality solution that would provide energy efficiency and be suitable for Boston’s four-season climate.

As a community housing project, designers also sought a cost-effective method to reclad the existing brick wall with consideration to material and installation costs. In addition, designers considered a high-performance masonry exterior as an ideal choice to prolong the life of this affordable housing building.


ARRIS-tile thin stone with ProGUARD® DP Insulated Cement Board was installed to refresh the full exterior and provide extraordinary protection: this innovative wall system meets the newest energy code continuous insulation requirements (ASHRAE 90.1, SB-10, IECC). In addition, this high-performance wall system installs quickly and provides the remarkable durability and amazing aesthetics which Arriscraft calcium silicate stone is known for.

The ProGUARD DP system eliminates the separate steps of drainage plane, insulation, wire lathe and mortar bed. Because the cement board and insulation board are laminated together, ProGUARD DP features ¼” cement board (rather than ½”) for a lighter weight assembly. Fast installation meant one third of the labour time and cost on this project.

Like all Arriscraft calcium silicate stone, ARRIS-tile provides lasting beauty and performance. The Haynes House designers chose the standard Magnolia color in smooth finish with a rocked face detailing. Click here for more.


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