Princeton University Residences for the 21st Century

Feb. 10, 2023
Arriscraft’s Architectural Linear Series Brick shows its phenomenal creative potential at large residence project at Princeton University.


For more than thirty years, Princeton has accommodated all freshmen and sophomores in residential colleges. Building two new residential colleges to accommodate an additional 1,000 students, advanced one of the university’s highest strategic priorities – expanding the undergraduate population by around 10 percent.

Deborah Berke Partners served as architect of record for this 485,000 square foot project, completed in 2022. According to the firm, this project ‘represents a major expansion of the campus and the first step in the University’s plans to recenter campus life in the residential colleges’ (


Known as one of country’s most prestigious universities, with iconic historical buildings from the late 19th century, a premium masonry exterior would be required to complement the existing structures and the natural landscape of the campus.

The massive scale of this project required total product consistency across thousands and thousands of square feet. Natural quarried stone can vary in color if large extractions are needed. In addition, this 21st century residence represents expansion and the future, and a modern aesthetic aligns with those initiatives.


Designers chose Arriscraft’s Architectural Linear Series Brick for this project: a long brick in a weathered finish for a modern and inviting aesthetic. Compared to procuring quarried stone, ALSB’s consistent color and sizing (being manufactured) was an ideal choice to provide 240,000 square feet of masonry.

Designers achieved special detailing with this calcium silicate brick. Because ALSB doesn’t have core holes (like clay brick), more pronounced jointing could accentuate the linear look, using a deeper ¾” recessed joint. ALSB units can also be dramatically offset to create dramatic stepped sections. And because ALSB features consistent texture and colour throughout, units could be cut on-site to create beautifully curved brick walls.

Long sizes translated into fewer head joints during installation and the calcium silicate brick absorption rate allowed for high daily installation rates. For large projects, these advantages add up to significant time and resource efficiencies. Click here for more.

Photo Credit: Taylor Photo


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