5 New Colors for Eco-Friendly Acoustic Materials

March 4, 2024

Looking to create fresh interiors that manage sound well? Kirei announced its PET panels are available in five new colors: Butter, Dusk, Mint, Cayenne, and Nutmeg. PET is a decorative, acoustically absorbent material with a felt-like finish that is made from recycled plastic bottles. The 12mm panels have at least 60% recycled content. It is a low-VOC material, meeting requirements for LEED and other green building certifications. From decorative wall tiles to ceiling clouds to baffles, this material offers incredible design versatility.

“We decided to release these new PET colors to invoke a range of feelings, from light and tranquil to grounded and reflective,” says Anne Kulinski, Director of Marketing for Carnegie Acoustic Solutions. “This curated palette of color choices supports designers in crafting fresh avenues toward bright flourishing spaces. Showcasing a boldness in acoustic design, we hope these colors help our designers create elevated, inspiring environments for their clients.”

For more information, visit the product webpage.