Rockfon Mono Acoustic

Jan. 2, 2024

A 2023 PIA Winner, Rockfon Mono Acoustic is an innovative stone wool monolithic ceiling solution with continual smooth surfaces, high sound absorption, fire protection and durability. Flat or curved, direct or suspended installation, the ceiling system offers an NRC of up to 0.95. Ideal for lobbies, museums, offices, libraries and restaurants, the stone wool naturally prevents growth of mold and bacteria, supporting healthy indoor air quality without added antimicrobials.

2023 PIA JUDGE’S COMMENT: “This stone wool product offers design options for smooth surfaces with sound absorption, fire protection, and long-lasting durability. The seamless system allows for easy integration of services into walls and ceilings.”

For more information, visit the product webpage.

Rockfon North America

Courtesy of Schiavello
Focus Quiet Room
Courtesy of bubl
bubl work pod
Courtesy of Silen OU
Silen Space 1.5 Work Pod
Courtesy of Zintra
Zintra Mesh Baffles in Herringbone