Qwel™ Designer Acoustic Tiles

March 27, 2023

The Qwel™ Designer Acoustic Tiles are a more sustainable solution for naturally managing sound, while delivering bold style. The tiles offer a variety of molded and flat tile designs to create architecturally distinctive, acoustically aware environments. Constructed from 100% non-woven PET fibers and up to 50% recycled materials, Qwel tiles provide outstanding acoustic performance without chemical after-treatments and are 100% recyclable. Available in six designer styles featuring edges, drops and curves, Qwel tiles can be mixed and matched to achieve elegantly unique designs. Flat tiles are easy to cut and shape, while molded tiles add three-dimensional visuals, such as a Linear Wave. Colors include Black, White, Charcoal, and Light Gray as well as special order custom colors, shapes, and sizes.

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