New soundproofing device proves speedier, easier than caulks

Oct. 3, 2022
Sound Gasket: faster interior soundproofing than acoustical caulk with easier installation — reduces callbacks, saving time, labor for code compliance

In Chula Vista, Calif., multifamily housing is being built almost as fast as you can find people to fill them. One of these developments, The Avalyn, is a luxury apartment complex project from contractor Ryan Companies comprised of eight buildings, 480 individual units and 16,000 square feet of commercial space.

For builders, traditional methods of soundproofing for wall joints (i.e., acoustical caulks) are tricky to install, often requiring multiple trips by the finishing crews to get the job done correctly. This is the problem that was troubling Southern California Interiors, Inc., the team behind the framing, drywalling and finishing work for two of the multifamily, mixed-use buildings within The Avalyn.

But soon enough, they discovered Sound Gasket, the most advanced soundproofing solution for wall joints on the market. By using this groundbreaking sound-rated drywall accessory from Trim-Tex on all bottom-of-wall joints between units, they were able to take care of their soundproofing work up to five times faster than before; eliminate installer errors causing callbacks; and, instead of going into each unit two to five times to apply and re-apply caulk, each apartment only required one trip by one installer to get it right.

“[With acoustical caulks,] there's always issues of going back,” said Southern California Interiors CEO Jesse Rodriguez. “Going back, refilling, doing it twice, three times — realistically, we don't have the money for that. We get paid to caulk on the bottom regarding the conditions, whether we do it once good, or whether we do it five times on our own dime … We have to go at least twice. Then, we compare it to [Sound Gasket] and say, okay, what the cost of your product is, based upon all the other things we have to buy to make it work — believe it or not, I'm saving money that way. Definitely, I'm saving money!”

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